Working at FCPlus

We are looking for fashion lover to join our team!

兼職銷售顧問 Sale Advisor(Part-Time)
工作內容 Your responsibilities
  • 負責店舖的日常運作
    Support daily operations of the shop
  • 保持店面整潔及負責倉庫整理
    Ensure stock room and the shop is well organize
  • 提供試衣間服務和處理客人查詢及疑問
    Providing good customer service on floor and fitting room area
  • 處理網上訂單及郵寄貨品
    Manage online orders and arrange goods delivery
入職要求 Requirements :
  • 良好的顧客服務技巧
    Excellent customer service skills.
  • 對顧客服務工作充滿熱誠及喜歡時裝
    A passion for customer service and love fashion
  • 可立即上班優先考慮
    Able to start work immediately

兼職攝影師 Freelance Photographer 
工作內容 Your responsibilities
  • 負責攝影及影片拍攝
  • Responsible for Photo taking and video recording
  •  於室內或外出工作
  • Photograph both in studio and out of studio
  • 剪輯短片後期工作
    Editing and retouching after filming

入職要求 Requirements 
  • 具時尚觸覺及喜歡時裝
    Strong fashion sense and love fashion
  • 懂攝影打燈技巧
    Ability to work with studio lighting
  • 懂影片剪接軟件、Photoshop
    Skilled in photo and video editing
  • 可立即上班優先考慮
    Able to start work immediately

How to apply?

Please send your CV and portfolio to