About Fashion Corner



Self-confidence is the best outfit!                   

              We believe fashion is for everybody!




Founded by Makayla in 2014, who is designer and selling large-size womenswear she designs. "Maybe because I'm fat, I've come to understand that whether or not you are pretty has nothing to do with your physical appearance. Only when you are true to yourself will people like you."

We work really hard to create the best quality outfits for plus size. Design and produce in our factory.



Fashion Corner is coming from my childhood experience.

My family was working in the garment industry, so I had a lot of opportunities to know and explore fashion design and production.  I have always dreamed of creating my own fashion brand for a long time.

Although I am a fat girl, I can wear adult S size when I was small. After growing up, it becomes difficult to buy clothes at the retail stores outside.  Even I found the clothes which are fit, but the style of apparels is not my favourite.  I can't choose suitable style or color for different occasions. 

Then I changed my point of view, "Oh! I understand the needs of the fat girls, I believe there are other fat girls like me, they want to wear beautiful clothes but can not find the right size".  So I decided to create Fashion Corner Plus, I usually wear difficulties encountered by improving the design, adding new elements, in order to avoid the appearance of clothes that do not fit the body, I hope I can provide you with an option, no longer limited to a few styles.

Meanwhile, I also hope that through my brand, photos or videos, etc. to let you know, don't limit what you want to do because of your appearance.

Fashion Corner is still in the development of the stage, we are trying to spread the concept of the brand to the world and throughout Asia, which all the sizes of people can choose their favorite clothes to wear.